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The Institute for Natural Monopolies Research (IPEM) is a Moscow based independent think tank and consultancy founded in 2005 and specialized in research of infrastructural sectors and related industries.

During the years we have completed more than 500 research projects for our clients. IPEM is member of 30+ expert and working groups of Russian government bodies, infrastructure companies and business associations.

Our Academic board consists of top level scientists, professors and academics, who lead our team of 35+ professional experts. Learn more about IPEM Management and Academic Board.

Our key clients are Russian government bodies (Ministries, Federal agencies, etc.), infrastructure monopolies and their customers. Apart from commercial projects, we are also well known for our research papers on such topics like impact of utilities tariffs on social stability and climate policy impact on Russian economy.


IPEM areas of research





Global Economy

Sustainable development


Some key works

- 2022, January 19: Results of Russian ports in 2021: infographics and analytics (PDF infographics in English, press release in English)

- 2021, July 26: CBAM: now it's official. Eventual effects for Russia (report in English, Bloombergtax publication in English)

- 2021, July 12: Carbon border adjustment mechanism in the EU: risks of discrimination for Russian exporters (presentation and executive summary in English)

- 2020, September 8: ERCST and IPEM to examine the role of Border Carbon Adjustments (Virtual Russia-EU Town Hall on Border Carbon Adjustments and ERCST and IPEM press-release in English)

- 2019: Ways to improve environmental legislation of Russian coal industry based on the leading coal mining countries experience (for State Duma of Russia)

- 2019: Socio-economic and other issues of Russia's ratification of the UN Paris Climate Agreement (for State Duma of Russia)

- 2019: Prospects of Russia-Europe gas pipeline capacity till 2035

- 2019: Railway industry global market review

- 2019: Expert opinion «Hyperloop between Moscow and St. Petersburg: how much can a project cost for an investor and a passenger?»

- 2019: Prospects for modernization of large heat power plants in Russia under the current regulatory regime

- 2018: Budget, socio-economic and technological effects of the implementation of PPP projects in railway infrastructure. (for Federal Agency for Railway Transport under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation)

- 2018: Economic and environmental issues of the development of Russian coal terminals (presented at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation)

- 2017: Information and technical reference on the best available technologies ITS 37-2017 "Coal mining and processing" (for official use)

- 2017: Strategy for the development of export of railway industry products (for Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and JSC “Russian Export Center”)

- 2017: Impacts of rising tariffs of services of housing and communal services (since 2017 - yearly)

- 2016: Technical and price audit of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed highway project (with Ernst & Young, Molinari Rail AG and TCIB)

- 2016: Public report “Risks of the Paris Climate Agreement Implementation for the Russian Economy and National Security” (presented at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation)

- 2016: Special report “World Experience in the Organization and Financing of Suburban Rail Passenger Transportation”


Railway Equipment Journal

IPEM is a publisher of the “Railway Equipment Journal”, Russia’s only journal for railway industry. Since 2008 the English-language special issue of the journal is one of the key parts for Russian exposition at the InnoTrans International Fair held in Berlin every 2 years. Learn more about "Railway Equipment Journal".


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