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В номере опубликованы следующие статьи:

Nikolay Lysenko. UIRE : 5 years along the way of integration partnership events

Valentin Gapanovich. Innovative development of Russian Railways

Evgeniy Rudakov. Results of the industrial production condition monitoring based on the indexes of the Institute of Natural Monopolies Research (IPEM)

1520 – 1435: prospects for cooperation

Yury Saakyan, Natalia Porokhova. Russian machinery: State support in crisis and post-crisis periods

Ilham Galiev, Victor Nekhaev, Victor Nikolaev. Competitive ability of Russian railways, its connection with dynamic properties of freight car running gear and the ways of their improvement

Sergey F. Podust, Sergey S. Podust. Lean production tools effect on efficiency of Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant LCC (NEVZ)

Oleg Trudov, Konstantin Kostrikin. Life cycle cost (LCC) methodology application to determine the promising directions of innovative product development

Vladimir Kutergin, Dmitry Tarasov. Peculiarities of price formation for innovative products with account of the ownership cost

Statistics. Railway industry in figures

Survey of russian transport engineering industry performance in 2011

Andrey Marchenko, Konstantin Soltus, Konstantin Dorokhin. Into the future - in the new Russian electric locomotives

Alexey Tishaev, Alexey Zaycev. Triple-diesel engine locomotive CME3 ECO: with care about future

Vladimir Mironov. The second floor of efficiency

Yury Boronenko, Anna Orlova. Possible ways for unification of freight car bogies, their units and parts at 1520 mm rail gauge

Yury Ivanov. Computer vision technologies for the supervision over objects of railway infrastructure

Vladimir Matiushin. The “unconquerable” heights of quality

Sergey Gapeev. IRIS standard is the most important component of transformation of Russian railroad industry

Yuri Babkov, Valery Perminov, Elena Belova. Influence of reliability and utilization indexes values on locomotives technical readiness